Transactional Analysis


Transactional Analysis is a tool for describing people's personality in terms of how they communicate with others. As such it offers a valuable perspective for anyone involved in communication, whether they be psychiatrists, counsellors, educators or employers.

The theories of transactional analysis were put forward by the psychiatrist Eric Berne during the 1950's. In his papers he described a mode of personal analysis that took into account three core ego states, each a complete system of thought, feeling and behaviour. The three states are those of parent, adult and child. How we incorporate these states into our day-to-day exchanges with others influences our entire interaction with the world.

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An awareness of what patterns we tend to adopt when relating to others can be a valuable tool for self-awareness. The PAC profiling test allows you to ascertain the relative strengths of your core ego states and sheds some light on how you may improve the quality and effectiveness of your communication and help you avoid potential confrontations.

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